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Are you seeking for ways of pushing your Research and Innovation projects into funding schemes? Are you interested in building an attractive way of presenting it to investors?
Are you focused on facing the market even knowing that EU is facing an economic crisis?

As you know, the European Union is facing a financial and economic crisis, and as consequence, a social and political crisis, as well as a crisis of confidence. The financial and economic crisis are due to irresponsible practices in the financial sector, unsustainable public debts and lack of competitiveness and innovation in some Member States.

Having in mind this scenario, Europe is constantly launching initiatives to boost competiveness and innovation in all EU Member States. One of this examples is the European Commission Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (R&I) launched in 2014 – the Horizon 2020.

Horizon 2020 is one of the biggest R&I funding programmes from the EC with almost €80 billion available over 7 years (from 2014 to 2017).

The main goal of Horizon 2020 is to help the European countries to be more competitive and innovative, to drive financial and economic growth and to create jobs.

Horizon 2020 challenges

YOUR GUIDE FOR HORIZON 2020 ebook intends to present you the EC framework program – the Horizon 2020 – that started in 2014 and runs until 2020, and reflects the priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy.

By downloading YOUR GUIDE FOR HORIZON 2020 ebook you will have the opportunity to know more about:

  • Horizon 2020 structure;
  • The best strategies you should consider when writing your ideas, the 6 different types of action and more;
  • The 3 main pillars (priorities) of the programme – Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges;
  • The 3 phases you should consider for your proposal submission.

… and much more! Click here to download the ebook and let us know if it was helpful for you.



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