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Remote E-Pitches for Funding Innovation Projects

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Have you heard of remote e.pitches already?

If you haven’t heard about it yet don’t worry! Now you will be delighted with this opportunity that we bring to you!

Since the beginning of Horizon 2020, many EU funded projects have a great help to carry on ICT research and to develop innovative technologies. Despite that, a great number of ideas fall in the so called “valley of death”. By saying that, we may found that a lot of potential technologies can’t enter in the European market as new products/services and investors miss the opportunity to forecast the effective productivity of innovation.

With that in mind the European Investor Gate project (EIG) developed a solution that offers hands-on services for researchers, founders and start-ups! Being funded with support from the European Commission, e.pitches are online pitching sessions with four to six companies presenting in front of European investors within a web conferencing system.

The process is simple and intuitive, so you just need to register on the Euroquity here, present your idea(s) to investors and even join online pitches.

What you need to know about the European Investor Gate

The services provided by the EIG project are as follows:

Present your business idea or your company to investors

This is one of the best opportunities to connect with investors and financial providers, in order to promote your company and mainly to receive feedback on your business model. Participants’ can´t be more than 6 innovative start-ups, which are selected according a set of criteria. The selection is made according with the information given in the online Euroquity profile.

Main requirements to join e-pitches

  • EU company which has already been founded or is in process, a business plan is available;
  • The company is looking for investment and determine the amount needed;
  • The business model is well-defined;
  • The company has a market-ready product and if possible a first customer.

Structure of e.pitches – 8 minutes per presentation and 3 minutes for questions, and you should base your presentation with the following:

  • Brief presentation about the company;
  • The market/customers’ needs;
  • Company’s solution (product, technology, service);
  • Market analysis (size, trends, drivers);
  • Competitors;
  • The company’s team;
  • Development strategy;
  • Financial forecast/need for capital.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and don’t know how to start, first answer to these questions: What is my business type? Am I a researcher, a founder or a start-up? Then, come talk to us and ask for our help!

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